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Convergent Paths Royalty
Zachary sat dressed in his traditional garb; he had never given much thought to the Neo-Prussians aristocracy and never imagined being one. He looked over his formal attire as a Marquis with relative distaste. “You must be uncomfortable with the weighted outfit you wear now, also the clothes are all made from Gyran cotton this isn’t a coronation. So we can easily dress you in this” George said holding his new outfit.
“Yeah no it's a fact I am supposed to be dressed by you,” Zachary said.
“I am actually here to assist you in dressing, this is a cloak, not a cape for you to play Superman while running around like an idiot,” George snapped.
Zachary cocked his head to the side, “You can keep your freaky dreams to yourself, and just tell me why I need to change?”
“an elegant regale is about to happen in your family’s long overdue reunion. Do you want to know what a regale is Master Zachary,” asked George?
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Mature content
The Untouchables Ch 6 :iconcrimsonfalke:CrimsonFALKE 4 0
Sean Ryan :iconcrimsonfalke:CrimsonFALKE 11 2 Hillary godzilla :iconcrimsonfalke:CrimsonFALKE 20 37 M117 DMR :iconcrimsonfalke:CrimsonFALKE 24 3 AR15 according to liberals :iconcrimsonfalke:CrimsonFALKE 20 21 California Invasion :iconcrimsonfalke:CrimsonFALKE 20 9
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MAAV-8 Wyvern :iconcrimsonfalke:CrimsonFALKE 25 2
Untouchables Ch5
October 1st, 2115
Trevor stared down at several of his firearms; he no longer had access to the M-68 Gauss rifle he used in his days as a Strike Force Marine. The gauss rifle itself left no barrel indentations after being fired, and they wouldn’t send the casing out in a random direction.
Trevor then focused on who he would kill, using paper seemed archaic but not many people would be hacking his information. Albert Woodman, he escaped justice in the courtroom, but soon Trevor would quickly correct that.  He tried to relax and enjoy the thought of getting revenge.
Lisa came with George to the apartment complex although it was a far nicer area than she would expect a young single man to select. She rang the call button, “Hello is Trevor Rhodes in?”
Trevor stood up and went to the intercom. Pressing the button, he replied, “This is he, may I ask what this call is all about, and who are you?”
“I am Lisa Ryan, and well I need to discuss your son wit
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Minka Shawe :iconcrimsonfalke:CrimsonFALKE 9 5 Dongfeng EQ 2060 :iconcrimsonfalke:CrimsonFALKE 39 5 Hunter Class Submarine :iconcrimsonfalke:CrimsonFALKE 25 8
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Fakenews :iconcrimsonfalke:CrimsonFALKE 19 21
Bravo 112 Recon craft :iconcrimsonfalke:CrimsonFALKE 12 2
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Tomboy in Peril part 2 :iconcrimsonfalke:CrimsonFALKE 2 11
California Republic of America :iconcrimsonfalke:CrimsonFALKE 25 41

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I have to say I am having a hard time telling you where to improve. Its sexy but you aren't making this to be sexy. I have to give you ...

The Bird of Prey a light stealth fighter aircraft, intended to demonstrate stealth technology back in the 1990s and went on to make use...

Interesting design combination. I honestly can't tell what era or culture of origin the armor she is wearing. I assume its a cross of S...

I can see the improvement over the original. I have no idea where there is a connection to Evangelion. The proportions look much better...

Enlightenment happened and we started to think very critically about issues, such as letting infants die because they were disabled or unwanted and what largely led to the end of such practices was by a large margin lead by the Catholic Church.  So much the Muslims being enlighten before Catholics showed up Twitter. 

Okay so now that we got that all out of the way I know most of you are in fact missing my lovely posts well I have been without a proper connection to the internet for some time so I hope you all can forgive me. It's atrocious given these Communication companies managed to do the one thing that Theodore Roosevelt put a stop to the monopoly over an industry. However, these cable fuckers don't want to show up when I can meet them so often that hopefully this Wednesday I will be back in action.
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Why China's empire is doomed to fail. It can't make its own weapons. Instead it steals them over and over again making bootleg copies. The J31 and J20 oddly the carrier that they will fly from is a cold war left over from the Ukraine. Its wealth is generated through CCP slave labor camps. Steve Jobs is probably burning in hell for making those things.
This just in the MSM calls C-130 cargo planes advanced fighters Well it looks like they have updated their story and called C-130s advanced military aircraft despite the airplane's first flight being in 1954. Thanks ACommissionReviewer for reminding me to update the media's continued failures.


Ryan D. Reyes
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“At the core of liberalism is the spoiled child – miserable, as all spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill-disciplined, despotic and useless. Liberalism is a philosophy of sniveling brats.” — P.J. O’Rourke

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