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Eva Liesel Ferdinand Nee Rasch by CrimsonFALKE
Mature content
Eva Liesel Ferdinand Nee Rasch :iconcrimsonfalke:CrimsonFALKE 3 13
Ayna Ackerman nee Emmera by CrimsonFALKE Ayna Ackerman nee Emmera :iconcrimsonfalke:CrimsonFALKE 22 6 Feral Mad-2R Marauder by CrimsonFALKE Feral Mad-2R Marauder :iconcrimsonfalke:CrimsonFALKE 27 4
Guyer's Tomcats introduction
The SLS Black Tiger was the lead ship in a five ship strike group that had been formed by request of Captain Adam D Guyer. Adam had lost a personal friend when the 568th Armed Transport Flotilla went AWOL with the 34th Royal Battle Mech Division rushing to free their home Epsilon Indi only to be slaughtered in space by the SDS system in the opening days of the Amaris-Kerensky Civil War. The strike force composition consisted of the Avatar Class Black Tiger and four additional Aegis classes Block III ships. With the sheer effectiveness of the M-5 Caspar Capital drone, Captain Guyer developed the tactic to jump into an SDS controlled system, and attack the drones near a standard Jumppoint with nuclear weapons then promptly flee using the Lithium Fusion Batteries. The tactic was overall efficient and granted main invasion forces the chance to jump into a system through pirate jump points and begin a more effective assault. However by the time Operation Liberation came, however, these stri
:iconcrimsonfalke:CrimsonFALKE 10 2
New Common Wealth by CrimsonFALKE New Common Wealth :iconcrimsonfalke:CrimsonFALKE 9 10 Commendatore Alexia Delia Mk4 Specter Armor by CrimsonFALKE Commendatore Alexia Delia Mk4 Specter Armor :iconcrimsonfalke:CrimsonFALKE 27 10 High Mobility Armored Reaction Suit Pilot by CrimsonFALKE High Mobility Armored Reaction Suit Pilot :iconcrimsonfalke:CrimsonFALKE 10 22
Convergent Paths Ferdinands
Neo-Prussian Empire
Neo Lviv [Capitol] System
Neo Lviv 1 [Capitol Plant]
June 23, 6201CE
The shuttle carrying Anya taxied its way to a private hanger the people she traveled with having seen her off to a private shuttle its size reminded her of the Grizzly in size only the plush interior made the Grizzly look like a janitor’s closet had been converted into a studio apartment. She warmed herself next to what she had managed to sniff out as a propane powered fireplace.
A crew member approached with a blanket, “The flight will be 20 minutes to ground ma’am, would like some apple juice?”
Anya reached for a blanket only to realize the fabric was surprisingly soft, she enjoyed the added warmth and the soft touch, “Okay this is a very lavish craft who owns it?”
“Your grandparents by marriage to the new Marquis own this shuttle. If I were you, I’d think about renewing your vows the people would love a royal wedding. It would be a good for public
:iconcrimsonfalke:CrimsonFALKE 3 12
Valix Shiwa tribe maiden by CrimsonFALKE
Mature content
Valix Shiwa tribe maiden :iconcrimsonfalke:CrimsonFALKE 2 5
M42B by CrimsonFALKE M42B :iconcrimsonfalke:CrimsonFALKE 19 24 Alexia Delia by CrimsonFALKE Alexia Delia :iconcrimsonfalke:CrimsonFALKE 13 32 Aleta Ferdinand by CrimsonFALKE Aleta Ferdinand :iconcrimsonfalke:CrimsonFALKE 40 23 Sean by CrimsonFALKE Sean :iconcrimsonfalke:CrimsonFALKE 6 2 Battletech Tracked APC by CrimsonFALKE Battletech Tracked APC :iconcrimsonfalke:CrimsonFALKE 20 16
Convergent Paths Royalty
Neo-Prussian Empire
New Lviv [Capitol] System
Neo-Lviv [Capitol World]
June 26, 6201CE
Zachary sat dressed in his traditional garb; he had never given much thought to the Neo-Prussians aristocracy and never imagined being one. He looked over his formal attire as a Marquis with relative distaste. “You must be uncomfortable with the weighted outfit you wear now, also the clothes are all made from Gyran cotton this isn’t a coronation. So we can easily dress you in this” George said holding his new outfit.
“Yeah no it's a fact I am supposed to be dressed by you,” Zachary said.
“I am actually here to assist you in dressing, this is a cloak, not a cape for you to play Superman while running around like an idiot,” George snapped.
Zachary cocked his head to the side, “You can keep your freaky dreams to yourself, and just tell me why I need to change?”
“an elegant regale is about to happen in your family’s long over
:iconcrimsonfalke:CrimsonFALKE 3 4
Mature content
The Untouchables Ch 6 :iconcrimsonfalke:CrimsonFALKE 4 3

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Carli - Don't mess with laserotrons 001b by SkatingJesus
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Carli - Don't mess with laserotrons 001 by SkatingJesus
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red dress, falling down by MarcBergmann
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The Beauty And Excitement Of Lily!!! by E-DigitalFantasy
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The mindless killer evolves into a more high functioning killer, that is usually the opposite of how things work when it comes to kille...

I have to say I am having a hard time telling you where to improve. Its sexy but you aren't making this to be sexy. I have to give you ...

The Bird of Prey a light stealth fighter aircraft, intended to demonstrate stealth technology back in the 1990s and went on to make use...

Interesting design combination. I honestly can't tell what era or culture of origin the armor she is wearing. I assume its a cross of S...

Canada has taken grandiose, liberal virtue signalling to a whole new level in recent months. Namely, the M-103 and C-16 motions, both of which are designed to control what you must say and think.

M-103 specifically tackles ‘Islamophobia’ or to explain more pertinently, it stops anyone criticizing Islam. Just think about that. Canadians can now no longer question or criticize a 1400 year old medieval text. Nothing. Squat. You can end up with a fine, a criminal record, or even jail if you dare to throw shade at a religion that cuts girls genitals and treats women and gays with such contempt.

C-16 bill, that gives priority rights to transgender people. That’s 0.03% of the north American population. 
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“At the core of liberalism is the spoiled child – miserable, as all spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill-disciplined, despotic and useless. Liberalism is a philosophy of sniveling brats.” — P.J. O’Rourke

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